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    I have some rust on the front, lower rocker panel, and in the door area on my z3 coupe ... and a couple of questions. Both are in areas that are not usually visible.

    What do you think about using Rustoleum Rust Reformer to fix it?

    How do I remove this plastic strip that runs along the bottom of the door cavity -- the cosmetic strip with BMW on it. It seems like it should just pop out -- I don't see any screws.

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    I'm sure that someone with ACTUAL knowledge will come along, but I think that it's held on with double sided tape. That padded stuff.
    As far as the rust treatment, if it's not visible, I would say try a couple different things to neutralize it, then put some paint over the top of it.
    There's this stuff called POR-15 that's excellent for that stuff, and it doesnt' like direct sunlight, so it's perfect for not so visible spots.
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