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Thread: (2009) Where Do You Guys Get The Cones?

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    (2009) Where Do You Guys Get The Cones?

    OK, random question, but where does the club buy all the cones? I may need to buy a bunch for some soccer games (setup boundaries in a park, etc) and I figured the club may know where to buy some in bulk at a decent rate. Thanks!

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    Home depot sells cones. Dont know if the price is the best i only needed two. They did have a few sizes to choose from.
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    I bought mine at Lowe's. They offer two sizes as well (autocross size as well as a smaller size). Both are under $10 if I recall. To find out where and how much the club gets cones for; contact Bogdan and/or Jonathan Thayer: They are our autocross emperors.
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    Please tell them that the National Capital Chapter BMWCCA sent you.

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