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Thread: (2009) NCC Autocross - June 13 @ MD State Police Training Center, Sykesville, MD

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    Great fun as usual, still waiting on the results to see how bad Pete embarrassed us this time, we weren't even in the same ballpark at the TSP.
    Here is what would have been my best run if it weren't that one little cone.

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    Ha. No problem...why do you think I was up at 2:30...

    And, yeah, 195s on a 2100lb golf. Slightly different. Oh well, worth a shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamsam View Post
    i did nothing but plow my front tires all over the place, it was embarrassing. But at least i got a 53, which isn't a terrible score.
    Same with me... how do you fix that besides adding more tire pressure while staying within the class limits.

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    Here is a video of 3 of my 4 runs. I guess I forgot to start the camera on either run 2 or 3. So, the vid is run 1, then run 2 or 3, then run 4 where I lost focus. I was feeling really fast in run 4 until I blew the really tight turn just before the slalom. Then I chuckled as I ran over the slalom cones.


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    Joe, you smashed a lot of cones there buddy. Very entertaining

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    Here is the link I tried to post earlier hopefully it will show up this time.

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    So I take it that it did not rain in the PM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradMW View Post
    So I take it that it did not rain in the PM?
    About 12 seconds of drizzle, that's it I know it sounds rude to those running, but some rain would have been nice while working the course. It was HOT.

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    Yeah it was hot. I was pretty dehydrated and empty headed towards the end of the day. I didn't drive my best but I'm glad my time stood up. I was really glad the breeze picked up towards the end of the day.

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    I had a great time at this event. I'm really enjoying how competitive T2 has been.
    Looks like I had a case of wishful dyslexia after my first run. I apologize to the people I told a had a better time than it turns out I actually did....doh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by forrealb50 View Post
    My runs were pretty sloppy. I couldn't get the tire pressures right and no matter how much air I put in the front left it kept rolling onto the side wall. On my last run I have 47psi in the front left when hot and it was still rolling over. I think at a certain point crappy tires will only give you so much performance.

    It will be a miracle if I ended up with a clean run. Can't wait to see the results!
    You shouldn't go above 38 psi hot. If you're still having problems, you're probably over driving the car. Adding even more air than that just makes the problem worse.

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    Hey guys. That was much more fun when it's dry! Following vid is of my best run at 52.614. Camera 2 started fogging up during the run. Oh well.
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    Great fun out there!

    Jonathan, I guess it got a little confusing at registration. My 2000 528iA should be in T4 I guess (or does fallen off muffler leave me in M4? ). Regardless, the conclusion is that the 528iA was not as fun as the 318iS. But surprisingly maybe as quick, looking at my fellow 318iS times.

    Btw, anyone seen video of the 350Z doing a proper rallyturn down towards the box? I'd like to see that one

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