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Thread: Feedback from DIY #4, Leehigh Service Center

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    Arrow Feedback from DIY #4, Leehigh Service Center

    Ladies & gentlemen,

    The DIY Committee invites all attendees to comment on today's DIY #4 at Leehigh Service Center at Dulles, Virginia. This was our first DIY at Leehigh, and from our perspective it seemed to go well.

    Please use this thread to post at least a brief comment, accolade, complaint, or brickbat. This is effective, and also is the earliest of all methods, to give you perceptions to the Chapter at large, the Sponsors, and the DIY Committee. We can use these comments to continue what we did right, and improve on other characteristics when possible.

    Thanks very much for your support.

    Your faithful DIY program chair,

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    I had a great time today at Leehigh, and accomplished a good deal of maintenance on my car. I have many people to thank for this, and I do mean sincerely thank you! First, you Alan and event coordinator Phillip for putting up with me complaining about not getting a work slot for the DIY, and then taking pains to make sure that I did get a slot, I do appreciate it greatly.

    An even bigger thanks to the Leehigh staff, both for allowing the event at their excellent, clean, organized facility, and also personally to Cody and Sean for their advice and timely assistance whenever I had a question or needed some odd sized tool which BMW seems to require (and I do not possess).

    Thanks to these events I am slowly but steadily knocking off several major maintenance items as my car ticks past 50k. I look forward to participating and helping in future DIY events.
    Mike R.
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    I really enjoyed the DIY as well as the chance for me and the misses to get acquainted with our E90 325xi; however it seems that the shop doesn't offer a club discount and they purchased all of the parts at the BMW dealership so the cost of doing business was a little higher than expected. If I had more time I would of perferred to purchase some of the parts on my own and only buy a few of the parts from the sponsor at a much better rate. For instance the spark plugs were $21.32 each which cost 127.92, they are fully one third the price at AutoZone for the identical item. Thanks for another great DIY event and I look forward to future DIY's.
    V/R Zachary Pullins Sr.
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    2006 E90 325Xi & 1999 E39 540i M-Sport
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    Exclamation Last Bump for Comments on 2009 DIY #4

    DIY #4 Attendees:

    This is a last reminder to comment on your experience at 2009 DIY #4, Saturday April 11th at Leehigh Service Center. You may recall the request we made at lunchtime, so that all National Capital members, DIYCom members, and Sponsor staff can read of your successes and/or failures.

    Thanks for your support.

    DIY Chair

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