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Thread: 1970 2002 Service in northern Prince Georges County?

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    Exclamation 1970 2002 Service in northern Prince Georges County?

    I've had some great challenges in getting a good, safe, competent garage in the Prince Georges (College Park) MD area.

    VOB didn't like working on 2002 (+$$$$)
    Tire Merchant ripped off parts and not reliable

    Only good safe mechanics I've used were in Penn and Baltimore - both 90+ minutes. I'm looking for something a little closer. Any ideas out there?

    yours in Roundel-land, Reese

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    HI Reese, I feel your pain. In the same locale (Prince George County) in search of honest, reliable shop for my '91 735i & '79 733i. Recently relocated here from the Big Apple and have "no" idea of where to go. Please fellow members out there hear our pleas.

    Bob W.
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    Try Quality Car Care in Rockville.

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    For my BMW I have been using Dan Martin in Gaitherburg but I don't know if you think that is too far away. A place that is probably closer to you is Veklin Automotive Services (Bladensburg). They have been servicing my Alfa for years and I have never had a problem. Their specialty was Alfas but with the lack of them in recent years they now work on almost anything. They aren't far from College Park ( The last few times I've been there I've seen several BMWs in their lot.


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    No dealer wants to work on any older cars. I doubt if they want to see E30s.
    If you are willing to drive I'd got to Quality with an '02.
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    hi reese!
    on the wrong side of dc from you, but near the office, is alexandria bavarian service or j&f motors. both worked on my street e30 and abs had a few 2002's around they were working on.

    abs is on my way to work, so i could personnally deliver that sweet orange 2002 for ya.

    see ya in the office!

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