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Thread: BMW and WSBK

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    BMW and WSBK


    No updates on BMW's first year effort in WSBK?
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    Feel free to add any information you have Dave.

    For the first time in decades, BMW is entering an international Motorcycle racing series - the World SuperBike series (WSBK). Their weapon is the S1000RR, which I assume is 1,000cc. They have two experienced riders - Troy Corser of Australia and Ruben Xaus (pronounced Zaus) of Spain. There are 14 race weekends around the world and I believe two races at each. The first weekend is March 1 at Phillip Island, Australia. The series will come to the USA this year - Miller Motorsports Park in Utah on May 31. The uproven BMWs will face tough competition with factory entries from Aprilla, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. One of the Yamaha riders is Texan Ben Spies, the 2008 AMA SuperBike champion. This will be Spies' first year in international competition.

    Race 1 from Phillip Island will be telecast by SpeedTV at 4pm on March 1. Race 2 is not scheduled for telecast until 1 pm, Tuesday, March 3.

    This should be a great series to watch.
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    GO BEAMER TEAM! btw, my K1200 is an absolute slug compared to the Jap crotch rockets, but I wouldn't own anything else, and I have owned all the Jap brands, even a Bridgestone!

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