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Thread: DIY for brake repair

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    DIY for brake repair

    The brake light came in and the mechanic told me I can still drive 200 miles more.

    I want to do DIY myself, but am quite a new on it, even the forum.

    Can I get help or participate in any activity for DIY?

    ANy comment will be appreciated.



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    Arrow DIY for brake repair


    It's a piece of cake!

    Please read all the information carefully prepared for you over three years by the DIY Committee. That is, go to our NCC Chapter website, then:
    • Click on Chapter Programs
    • Click on DIY
    • Read the entire "DIY - General Information"
    We believe that almost everything you need to know about our DIYs is covered in that document. If not, and you still have questions, please let us know.

    After reading the "DIY - General Information", you may want to try our FAQ (Frequently Asked [and Answered] Questions) as reminders.

    If you want to register for DIY #3 at Convenience Car Care on March 14th, please register as soon as registration opens, since we'll make a few changes for that event which may limit the number of members accommodated.

    DIY #3 Coordinator
    2009 DIY Chair

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