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Thread: How much for Brake service?

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    How much for Brake service?

    HI, dudes

    I got a warning light for brake this morning, which means the time for big bucks.

    Anyway, local independent mechanic (he is good and well known in MD) gave me a suprising quote. $650 for front and $550 for rear. Of course, includes brake pad, sensor and rotor. I can't believe it.

    I paid $880 for front and rear and it came to me only after 30k. (too soon!!!) The price skyrocketed in a few years.

    What do you think the reasonable price should be? DO I need to look for other independe shop?

    THanks for sharing your ideas.


    P.S. I'd appreciate any shop you recommend in MD (Montgomery county).

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    cant DIY? you'll save plenty of $, probably min $300. my wife did this last month: bought the rotors, pads, sensors from Tischer, and did the work herself at the DIY
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    The warning light means one of your front or rear pads is down to the wear sensor. With normal driving you could go many more months. No reason to think both front and rear are close to needing replacement. No reason to think the rotors need replacement. Have someone help you determine which axle needs new pads, get a new set when warm weather sets in (aftermarket pads are much cheaper). You'll want a new sensor too. As Paul said, you can change them at a DIY or with a friend's help. It's so easy a caveman can do it. Total costs maybe $200 - $300.
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    shops have to make money to cover overhead and stay in biz, but brake work must be the highest profit margin job. it takes maybe 15min to change pads and rotors on a bmw per corner...if an experienced tech goes slow. takes me less than that and i am totally anal about getting everything right. the parts aren't that expensive.

    working on your bimmer is fun and satisfying. highly recommend attending a diy to do your brakes. fun, comraderie and save money!

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    A flat rate manual would tell you the hours they bill.

    But a shop loses money chasing codes and doing other repairs that take more time then the book says.

    And every once in blue moon you get rotor retaining screw whatever that breaks off or causes a problem.

    For a good indy shop that is reliable and will squeeze you in because you are a good customer I pay the bill. Never argued a bill etc if I didnt have time to so it myself or just didnt want to be bothered. And remember a good reliable tech at good shop is worth what he/she is paid and they bill
    more a hour than govt lawyers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robojoo3231 View Post
    P.S. I'd appreciate any shop you recommend in MD (Montgomery county).
    I like Dan Martin over by the airpark.

    Don't know your car, but brakes are really easy.
    Like Woody said, a caveman could do it.
    Even me. You need minimal tools.
    Best bet is to find a member to look over your shoulder while you are doing it.
    At the most it should cost you a beer and a couple slices of pizza for the help.
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    If you are capable of un-screwing a bolt, DIY (do it yourself)

    The total job should only be a few hundred in parts (total for front and rear).
    Order the parts (rotors, pads) from or, and then follow any of a million online tutorials. I can assume from your name that you drive a 323i, which is exactly what I drive...

    Some things are worth paying a premium for - this is not one of those things. Installing new brakes is about the easiest job you can do on a car.

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    Sign up for one of the club DIY's, and do it there
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    I've got to agree - DIY it. It is an easy job and its the first one I did at a DIY because of the exact shop quote you got. I bought aftermarket rotors and pads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
    No kidding. That's a great writeup!

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    Arrow Was Brake Service, now PumpPumpPump!

    Yes, terrific writeups, except they do'nt mention the most important step:
    1. After you finish, and before you move the car, start the engine and PUMP your brakes repeatedly until you reclaim your brake service.
    2. Unless you do the above, your brake pedal may go to the floor without any noticable braking action the first several times you try the brakes. Please review Step #1 and PUMP.
    3. A close friend, and frequent DIYer, "finished" a brake service in the driveway at dusk one evening and went to bed without PUMPING. The next morning, the friend started driving to work, and at the end of a very short block, depressed the brake pedal to make a turn. Result: $1300 worth of damage to the car, even at a low speed. Please see Step #1 and PUMP.
    4. Please remember that the single most important non-human system on your car by far is the brake system! Just for further emphasis, and for the sake of your family, your friends, enemies, others, and yourself, please PUMP.
    5. Please re-read Step #1.
    Hope you never forget; other perfectly sensible people have!

    DIY #3 Coordinator

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    Along with the madrussian write-up, this one also gave me confidence that I could DIY the brakes and rotors. Lots of good details and tips in this one:

    Doug's Domain BMW E36/E46
    Brake Replacement DIY

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    I don't know where you are, but if near Towson, I have a lift and tools and work for beer. Several of the Baltimore area locals swear by "Manor Motor Werks."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Munchenman2 View Post
    [*]After you finish, and before you move the car, start the engine and PUMP your brakes repeatedly until you reclaim your brake service. [*]Unless you do the above, your brake pedal may go to the floor without any noticable braking action the first several times you try the brakes.
    Excellent point Alan. I changed front pads a week or so ago, went inside to eat lunch, came out and put the car in the garage. The only thing that stopped me at the back of my garage was a stack of tires.
    And some years ago a friend nearly totaled her M3 after changing pads and finding no brakes at Summit Point's turn 1.
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