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Thread: Bangle resigns!

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    Yeah, but bringing in his buddy Hooydonk to replace him? I'm not at all convinced that this is an improvement. All that's happened lately is that the original bangle ugliness has been lexusized.
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    He did improve BMW's bottom line, however. And he's been in charge of BMW design since '92... So he had the sign-off on the E36, E38, E39, and E46 as well, and their updates over the years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisV View Post
    He did improve BMW's bottom line, however. And he's been in charge of BMW design since '92... So he had the sign-off on the E36, E38, E39, and E46 as well, and their updates over the years.
    This is the part no one thinks about. BMW needs to make money.

    And I find many of the people who complain about Bangle haven't bought a new car in their life.
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    Currently BMW's bottom line is in deep trouble. Their reliance on leasing etc for sales is coming back to bite them. The E36 was already designed before Bangle got there.

    It will be interesting in the next 24 to 36mos to watch BMW struggle and try to get bail out money from Germany and US govts. Also be interesting to see how the X5 and X6 M's sell and M's with turbos instead of the old reliable high reving engines. And the big premium for diesels???

    How many years can BMW stay in F1? Mercedes just stayed in by a very slim vote of their BOD.

    Betting on BMW still being around maybe a long shot depending on how long the economic downturn lasts and if/when there is another successful terrorist attack on US soil!

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    BMW's bottom line isn't in trouble due to their styling. Sales for 7s, for example, picked up after the '02s got introduced. But everyone is dropping right now.

    As for the E36, even though it had been already started by the time Bangle got to the top position, there was enough time for him to have changed the direction they were going if that's what he wanted to do. And especially when it came time for the Z3, Z8, E38, E39, and E46.
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    I'm with ChrisV and 1996 328ti on this one...

    A) BMW is a business and Bangle's cars have sold like Hotcakes although I can live with out the rear end of the 645 and 745. The restyled rear end of the 750Li is a great improvement and the Alpina B7 makes visions of sugarplums dance through my head.

    B) As the owner of an '88 M6 and a '95 M3; the thought of an SAV with an M badge really disappoints me. At one point the M motto was "History and compromise cannot be made at the same time." If there is an X5 or X6 with an M badge it will dilute the brand. If the 850Csi and the Z8 didn't deserve to be M cars; why would any SAV?

    C) If money was no object, I would have more BMWs than I could count and none of them would be new (E30 M3, E34 M5, 3.0 CSL, 2002 Turbo, 850CSi, etc.). Most "enthusiasts" are enthused about cars they loved as youngsters but couldn't have. I doubt the guy in my neighborhood who drives a 1969 Chevelle SS has any regard for a new Chevy SS Silverado pick-up truck, or Cobalt, or Trailblazer. My point is the SS brand now means nothing. An M car should be a Sports Car. Period.
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    Well said Orlando.
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