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Thread: Time Trial Driver Killed at Summit Point

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    Not sure if its still available and I am not home to get the authors but there is a book called Motorsport Medicine that was published back in the early 90's. Very interesting book with charts and graphs regarding impacts
    and g forces.

    If the time trial driver broke the same bone as Earnhardt and others not a lot of movement is needed. Its sudden acceleration and deacceleration of your head and neck over a couple inches maybe a little more as the harness stretches that causes the injury. If I remember correctly the bone is small and between the ear and neck. A Hans device can help.

    I haven't looked at the book in years. No need I have low speed sheep beating me up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick325xiT 5spd View Post
    I'm ambivalent about the head restraint. A right side net catches your shoulder as well as your head in a severe impact, and those seats are a bit more sketchy in that situation.
    I guess we'll never know what happened to Cale. But we can see that a head restraint seat helped BMW club racer David White survive a hard side impact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
    I guess we'll never know what happened to Cale. But we can see that a head restraint seat helped BMW club racer David White survive a hard side impact.
    Two things:
    1) That was not a hard impact.
    2) He got into the right side net, which was also running along the head restraint. This strongly suggests that, at the very least, head restraint seats need to be supplemented.

    Edit: And just to be clear, I do not think that head restraint seats are bad. I do however think that the MOST important thing is to have a right side net, and that a head restraint seat probably adds something on top of that. You will notice in DW's commentary that he was held in place by the right side net.
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