The Northeast Region of NASA held their first race weekend on the Thunderbolt track at NJMP. It rained Saturday and was dry on Sunday. Here are results of the top BMW finishes from the Thunder 2 group races and their best lap. Note Michael Dayton's M3 was driven by Barry Battle on Sunday.

1st GTS-3 Michael Dayton E36 M3 1:49.875
2nd GTS-3 Phil Eiseman E36 M3 1:50.803
3rd GTS-3 Paul Sedacca E36 M3 1:49.611
1st GTS-4 Todd Brown E30 M3 1:55.000

1st GTS-5 Bob Ball 2002 (S14) 1:28.180
1st GTS-3 Eric Wong E36 M3 1:30.017
2nd GTS-3 Phil Eiseman E36 M3 1:30.439
3rd GTS-3 Barry Battle E36 M3 1:30.556
1st GTS-4 Mike Yaskin E36 M3 1:29.987

The NASA Mid-Atlantic Region had races at Summit Point the same weekend, but results are not available yet.