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Thread: Hood Pins - They Work Better When You Use Them

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    Hood Pins - They Work Better When You Use Them

    This is AFTER I "persuaded" the hood to pin shut by jumping on it repeatedly. It was a LOT more bent up before this.

    And finally, video:
    2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4WD Duramax LBZ/Allison 6-speed
    2002 BMW M3 - Alpinweiss III/Black
    1999 323i KP/GTS2 - Alpinweiss III (Black Hood, other stuff)
    1990 325is - Brilliantrot/Tan
    1989 325is - Alpinweiss II/Black (S50B32)
    1989 M3 - Alpinweiss II/Black (S62B50 in progress)

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    I had that happen once in my old Beetle, except that our two cases of beer got spread on the road when the driver (a friend) hit the brakes.

    Very unfortunate!

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