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Thread: Secondary Air Pump boggle?

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    Cool Secondary Air Pump boggle?

    BMWs do NOT have EGR valves. They are designed around that type of emission control device. EGR valves actually go on the exhaust manifold and have a pipe/tube connection to the intake manifold. Manifold vacuum allows the valve in the EGR valve to open or close and allow exhaust gases to dilute an A/F mixture.

    Secondary Air Pump (SMOG Pump) diverter valve. The Secondary Air System is designed to come on at start up and pump air into your exhaust gas to help the cats get hot faster/sooner to reduce emissions. The pump turns off after about 90 seconds and only comes on at cold startup. Most if not all BMWs after 1996 have a Secondary Air System.

    Starting with the foundation above, I'm trying to figure out which port the vacuum tube coming off the diverter valve connects to the exhaust since there are two posibilities, an upper connection and a lower connection. I plugged my vacuum line into the lower connection and am now trying to figure out if I made the correct connection. Thanks for your response. The short story is that the vacuum tube snapped and since the connections are out of sight behind the engine. I had to use a mirror in order to connect the vacuum tube to the back of the engine.
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