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Thread: Registration for May 17th FunKtion Auto DIY

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    Arrow Registration for May 17th FunKtion Auto DIY

    Please be aware we are using a new trial procedure for improving service to our members.

    To Pre-Register for the May 17th DIY at FunKtion Auto:

    · From either the Calendar of Event, May 17th, or the Chapter Programs in the far left column,
    · Click on “Registration”
    · This should take you to a series of forms by which you may pre-register for the May 17th FunKtion Auto

    Non-members please note that you may (1) attend and observe or (2) join BMWCCA, National Capital Chapter now and pre-register today by using the member form and entering “New-tbd” for your member number.

    Alan Marsh
    DIY Committee

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    Smile DIY at Funktion Auto

    Went to the DIY at Funktion. My first. Wish I had picked up on this sooner. Bonding with my son, learning a heck of a lot more about my car, fixing something that has improved performance (and hopefully gas mileage), and meeting yet another contingent of the car club. Doesn't get much better. Have to do it again. I lined up a list of repairs. I think that was generally going on amongst the newbies. The Funktion mechanic, Wayne, was very helpful and gracious.

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