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Thread: 2003 Cabrio door shell replacement

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    2003 Cabrio door shell replacement

    I have to make a decision regarding what approach to take to fix some damage to the door of my 2003 330ci convertible. I was backing up and clipped the bumper of a friends car which was parked diagonally behind me. It left a crease about 3 inches wide across about 20 inches of door. I have gotten repair quotes from Master Crafters in Rockville MD, and another shop in Gaithersburg MD, whose name eludes me at the moment.

    MC would repair the door panel and shoot approx 1/3 of the car for around $1200. The other guys want to replace the door shell then shoot 1/3 of the car for around $3K. The car is Titanium Silver.

    I can buy a door shell from MileOneParts for $576.

    I am leaning towards buying the shell and replacing it myself then having MC shoot the car.

    My questions are:

    1) is this very difficult replacement job?
    2) do body panels come pre-primed?
    3) does the shell need to be painted before assembly?
    4) anything I should be aware of prior to starting down this path?

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    It is hard for me to believe that you can beat Mastercrafters' price by much.

    Who ever does the painting may not want to take responsibilty for future problems if they don't do the whole job.

    Anyway, here are some thoughts about your questions:
    1) I don't know your skill/experience level. Take the inside door panel off and see how much stuff is in there.
    2) Body panels come in black primer, but a good shop will remove it and put better on.
    3) I think this is going to depend on the painter.
    4) You really need to discuss this alternative with whoever you choose to do the painting.

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    Thumbs up 2003 cabrio door skin

    Hands down - take the MasterCrafters deal.

    With your alternative, you already are half-way there - expense wise -just buying a new skin.

    The most important part of bodywork is the preparation for the painting. MassterCrafters will guarantee their work to your satisfaction.

    Who is going to guarantee your work?


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