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    Warranty claims depends on who you are. Service manager at Heishman's was telling me a story many years ago about an owner of a 5 series who had his car towed in with 83K miles on it. Engine seized. Owner had never
    changed the oil. BMWNA repalced the eninge under warranty becuase the individual's last name was Kennedy.

    Modifications give BMWNA an excuse to make you life hell.

    Back when I was first doing drivers' schools I had my rotors replaced a couple times at least under warranty at Heishman's. Never with a problem but back then the parts manager helped with the schools in the tower, several mechanics and sales folks did our schools. I had problems with NA
    when my AC condenser failed just outside of the warrnty but I had documeted problems with the AC on previous visits. I got some money using the club's ombudperson. nad I dont wnat to get into the fights about my diff.

    My bro when he purchased his 3 back in 199 had all kinds of problems with warranty work with BMW of Sterling. He got black listed because he answered his customer survey honestly. he was denied a service loaner because he went to another dealer for work ebcause Sterling ahd no available appointments.

    You are taking a chance with NA. Hopefully you last name is Clinton or Mccain hoss.

    Best of luck

    Dave Apker and the collies

    Dave Apker and the collies

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    I don't have any experience with BMW warranty, but my experiance with VW warranty was very mixed. With things they knew would be covered, they fixed as much as possible (more than necessary). When the radio died, they simply ordered a new one (it was only a bad fuse). When my rear hatch needed to be re-aligned, they ordered all new seals/gaskets & installed them. Since they knew they were getting reimbursed, they did everything (and bumped up their billable hours).

    Since BMW dealers are independently owned, any warranty work needs to be approved by BMW NA. While the legal burden of proving your aftermarket parts caused the problem may be on won't stop them from denying your initial claim and making you jump through hoops.

    I hope you're not commuting too far. You may still be cleaner than my E30 missing 2 cats...but I'm suprised you didn't go with a new system that would still pass emissions (and not throw error codes).

    MD emissions for newer cars is computer-only interface. If you solve the error code issues, you may not have any issues with MD emissions.

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    You say "Got catless DP's installed. They add power and sound great. Had them install "engine light fix" - two o2-sensor bung extenders to put on each pipe's secondary o2 sensor. It is not a "fix" at all."
    Contact the folks who sold you this stuff and tell them. Get your money back. Put the cats back... and O2 sensors. Clear the errors. Your car will run properly and pollute less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikT View Post
    MD emissions for newer cars is computer-only interface. If you solve the error code issues, you may not have any issues with MD emissions.
    They visually check for the cats. They can be gutted but as long as there is no CEL, you are clear.
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    Well, I work from home, and drive mostly for enjoyment - not even all days of the week. Hardly as criminal as Jane Escalade-Soccer-Mom, burning 80gal/week. As previously mentioned I'll probably end up getting the hi flo cats.

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