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Thread: E30 Drivers Side Fender

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    E30 Drivers Side Fender

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find one that is rust free and in good shape for a reasonable price? I'd prefer to find one in white if possible. Thanks.

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    check the classifieds in for used fenders. You may not be able to find one locally though.

    I've been told not to buy new cheap knock-off replacement fenders (non-oem). You may have trouble getting them to fit properly.

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    Thanks for the advice on the aftermarket fenders. I've seen the ones on ebay and I think I'll avoid them. I'm trying find one it white, so that I can avoid repainting. I've tried forums like e30tech, r3vlimited and bimmerforums, but haven't found anything yet. Just contacted the place in PA. Hopefully they'll have something.

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