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Thread: NCC Karting - Both League and Gran Prix (non-League)

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    NCC Karting - Both League and Gran Prix (non-League)

    The following is from Brian Hair.

    If you are interested in participating in either the league races or the Sunday Gran Prix races and you didn't get the direct email from Brian, please send him a note directly at

    I'm signed-up for both. Now all I have to do is break the news to my wife. :lol:


    Subject: BMW Karting League
    > To all potential BMW Club League Participants and those that want to kart race outside of this new league,
    > Please note: I have reserved these dates for the BMW Club to run the Mini Grand Prix as we have in the past:
    > Sunday, January 9
    > Sunday, February 6
    > Sunday, March 6
    > All dates have 1 PM start time. Please show up early, 12:30, to register and have drivers' meetings. These dates will not interfere with the league schedule.
    > The dates beginning December 5, and running ever other Sunday through the second week of March, have been reserved for us to run a "BMW Club and friends" Karting League at Allsports GP. The owner was kind enough to allow us to run in the late morning on the Sundays mentioned above. If you receive this message, please let me know if you want me to continue to send you each details about the league or not. I had about a dozen yes's for participants, so I proceeded to get the dates reserved. We need at least 8, and we can have as many as we want, 30 or more. I will send details to those that respond "YES," or those that do not respond at all, but not to the "NO's." I know that many of you have said no already, but I wanted to give you a second chance. IT WILL BE WORTH THE EXPENSE! I will send out more details like start times, cost, and formats over the next two weeks.
    > Let's make this a fun experience and keep our heads about us on the track. In other words, I want to see good clean racing. A bump here and there is OK, but think about it this way, if you are black flagged for any reason, that penalty WILL lose you at least a lap, making your chances of winning that race a virtual impossibility.
    > Thank you all,
    > Brian Hair
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    Unfortunately I am out of the ocuntry for the first TWO league eents. AND most of my trips are 2 - 3 weeks long, so it will happen again.

    BUT, it does look like I will be around for ALL THREE GP events.
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    Lots of new information has been added to the website.
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