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Thread: e46, 2003 325i, center console latch

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    e46, 2003 325i, center console latch

    I have a 2003, 325i, with a center console arm rest/storage compartment. The plastic latch on the storage compartment broke, I have the replacement part, and now can't figure out how to replace it! I've spent hours fiddling with it, have been very close to ripping the entire console out with my bare hands. Isn't in my Bentley manual, can't find anything on the internet.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    OK, this comes loosly from the chilton 3 series 1999-05 manual available at most book stores. Section 11, page 42 & 43

    1- diconnect battery
    2-press down on the edge of the ahstray and remove.
    3-loosen retaining screws in the ashtray storage box.Pull out with olastic inversion rivets, and remove the ashtray box surround (disconnect light bulb)
    4-unclip leather parking brake boot
    5-remove the 2 ahtay/ storage box trim screws
    6-pull up the leather gear boot
    7-remove the 2 screws (note position)
    8-the console should be loose enough to maneuver
    9-un-screw arm rest mounting bolts.

    If you like I can bring the manual to the Nov 8th meet at Champ's. Or send me a PM and we can do this together if you are a little unsure.

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    Thanks JC5,
    This sound like removing the entire console, which I don't think I need to do. I just need to change the small latch which is depressed by reaching under the armrest, left side. Does the Chilton manual show or describe this by chance?
    Thanks for the help.

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    No, just the above info. Did seen like a lot of little steps, but nothing too intense.

    Good luck!

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