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Thread: TrackDaze: November VIR HPDE

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    TrackDaze: November VIR HPDE

    November 19th, VIR Full Course One-day HPDE

    New format is as follows:

    4 Run groups (Instructor, Advanced, Intermediate, Novice)
    4 30 min sessions, 2 HOURS of track time.
    Run group size limited to 35-40 cars

    More info: and to register for the event.

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    Potomac, MD
    I'm going to try to do this...going to sign up at the end of October when I know I have the day off
    2002 BMW M3

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    oh screw it, I just signed up
    2002 BMW M3

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    Novice group is FULL.

    Still plenty of space in the the Intermediate and Advanced groups.

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