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Thread: E24 Wheel Bearings

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    E24 Wheel Bearings

    Greetings One and All,

    My shark's been giving growls that I know are front wheel bearings. Figured I'd do the brakes while I was at it.

    Does anyone here have a 46mm socket and a torque wrench that goes up to 250lbs/ft that I could borrow? I don't want to have to buy tools that I'll only use once. Of course if someone had the presser and the puller that would be great, too but those are a bit more specialized.

    I was hoping to do this job down at Martin's on the 15th but I got to the registration a couple of days late.

    I've been with the club since '89 or so (when I had Bavarias) so I'm not going anywhere.

    If anyone is able to help out drop me a line at cavemacchiato at yahoo dot com.


    '87 635csi
    '87 325
    '86 K75C
    '85 323i (in the barn)

    '98 honda odyssey (hey, I got three kids)

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    Disregard request. Bought the S&K 46mm socket, 1/2" drive. Any member that wants to borrow it after I'm done should drop me a line. No sense in being a paperweight.

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