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Thread: WTB: great daily driver

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    WTB: great daily driver

    I am looking for a daily driver -- and, if there is some minor work that needs to be done, I do not mind it. I would just like to know what is required please.

    I am open to most anything that is an E30, E36, E34, etc. Probably the newer ones are out of my budget, e.g., E46, E39; but, maybe not. Manual or automatic. Mileage is not a huge concern to me either.

    Please contact me at: james (dot) derry (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Alternatively, two zero two, three two zero, three eight two one is my cell number.

    Thank you,


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    If I may be so bold ... check out a manual 318ti. I bought mine to prep as an SCCA race car (ITA), but have had so much fun driving it daily, I just mught have to buy another. It's only a four cyl. so good gas mileage and you can rev it all day long and not get a ticket (unlike my 996!). Check it out.

    BTW, bought mine for $3.2K with 175K miles on it and it runs like a champ!

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    Boy should this start a interesting thread... :-)
    I would say the very same for the 88-91 E30 318. The E30 is a ball to drive and easy to maintain. get one with a 4 and you got gas mileage as a bonus. I say a manual gearbox is a must. My daughter has a 84' and it has been bulletproof, so I'm not ruling out earlier models either. I have been tossing around getting a E34 as a daily drive myself. Figure finding a nice 525 should be fairly easy but as I would prefer it with a manual gearbox, this may not be the case. Does seem that clean automatics prevail. I love the e34 compared to the E39 and have found it to be a great drive for a 4 door. Not a E30 "drive me like you stole me - I can take it!", but a Bimmer none the less.
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