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Thread: E92 M3 'Ring audio

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    E92 M3 'Ring audio

    Greetings all,
    If you recall, Mr. Sam Smith recently wrote an article in Roundel describing an audio file of the new M3 pulling a lap at the Nurburgring. He stated that the file was somewhat buried on the BMW media page. Well, 'somewhat' seems to be quite the understatement. I've looked high and low for that file to no avail. I've emailed Mr. Smith - with no reply. If anybody could point me in the right direction, I'd be eternally grateful.
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    I've looked for it

    a couple of times but with no luck. I thought of contacting Sam for the link but never followed up.

    On the plus side I was able to locate mp4 versions of "The Hire" series and a video version of the Nurburgring program that aired on Speed Channel a couple of weeks ago (it "features" the X5 but really focuses on the ring itself and gives a little history).

    If you do hear back from Sam - or are able to locate the audio track he referenced in his article, please let me know. I can only assume that it was located in the "press only" section of the website which us commoners do not have access to.



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