BMW's E30 M3 was named one of Automobile’s 25 best cars ever, thanks to its "robust and rev-happy engine [that] revved like a banshee and rarely broke."
Aug. 20, 2007

A list of the 25 greatest cars of all time would be woefully incomplete without a BMW on the list. When Automobile magazine (September) picked its top 25, it named the BMW E30 M3 as one of the best ever - “an instant classic. The E30 is the second generation 3 Series BMW (1984-91) that “marked a return to form for BMW” after the so-so first-generation 3 Series of 1977-83.
“Many people can’t get past its paucity of cylinders,” Automobile wrote, noting its 2.3-liter S14 four-cylinder engine. “Don’t let us hear you making that mistake. The E30 M3 is that rare, latter-day example of the historic ideal - a car fit for both road and track.