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Thread: Check Scam - BMWCCA Ads Site

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    Check Scam - BMWCCA Ads Site


    I have an '89 L6 listed on the BMWCCA Capitol Ads board. I received a bid via email from a Clark Ide. He agreed to my asking price, but insisted on sending me a cashier's check to include the shipping. I told him NOT to include the shiiping fees, that he must pay the shipper himself.

    I got the check today. It was for $3,550.00 more than the selling price. It looks like a Bank of America check, but was verified by BoA in Burke, Virginia as counterfeit. BofA and DHL (delivery) are both going to pursue. I also contacted the FBI website and completed an incident report.

    The Fairfax Co. Police were familiar with the scam and told me that the miscreants are in Canada and Europe.

    My suspicions were verified by an article on the Reference Ripoff Report,
    This report refers to a Vic Mayse, the same character from whom the
    DHL package was sent. I hope this message saves some of our members
    some grief.

    BTW, am reposting my ad and hope to find my fine L6 a good home.


    Mike Murphy
    Fairfax Station, VA

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    Thanks for the post. So glad to hear you discovered the fraud before they did you in.

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    Good for you for being alert and taking the right steps to help catch these scammers. I hope you can sell the car.
    96 328is, 99 M Coupe, 04 330Ci

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