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Thread: Who wants to be Ron Dennis

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    Who wants to be Ron Dennis

    On this Wonderful Monday Morning? Rumors are Alonso wants to go back to Renault and McLaren is upset with Hamilton! UK Press will lynch Dennis if he dumps Hamilton. Dennis might be having a worse Monday then the Honda team who has to explain their dismal results to their superiors. BMW should sign Hamilton if Mclaren dumps him!

    And BMW had a decent weekend! Interesting that they only changed rears and not fronts on one pit stop.

    Maybe Ron can sign Smoke or Robby Gordon and make his race weekends even more challenging! Right now he would love to have a driver who only said bull shit!

    Dave Apker and the Collies

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    I don't believe those rumors. Alonso may leave at some point - end of season at the earliest. Hamilton? Where did you get that idea? He had a disagreement with the team over a qualifying incident, which was quickly cleared up. Hardly a reason to part ways.
    Scott Lowrey

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    Quote Originally Posted by OwnedbyDuncan View Post
    And BMW had a decent weekend! Interesting that they only changed rears and not fronts on one pit stop.

    Dave Apker and the Collies
    Actually Kubica's BMW only changed rears on his second stop too. And I read this morning that he started on used tires. I found this incredible for a track that is supposed to be hard on tires. Maybe he just wanted to avoid the "graining" phase.

    I thought the Montreal Busch race was great, especially with all the "sports car" drivers in there. At one time two ex-PTG M3 drivers (Said and Jonsson) were running 1st and 2nd. I think Robbie Gordon got screwed on the officials' decision, but didn't deserve to win after spinning Abrose on the re-start.
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