BMW has a voluntary emissions recall campaign underway for certain 6 & 8 cylinder 2000-2004 model year M coupes, M3s, Z8s, and M5s. Voluntary recall notices have been mailed to current owners on file with BMW under Campaign No. 06E-A03. (If you haven't received a notice, perhaps because you are not the original owner, you can still schedule a recall repair by contacting any authorized BMW Service Center or visit the BMW North America website at or call BMW North America Customer Relations at 800.831.1117). According to the BMW notice, these vehicles may not be able to pass a state emission inspection "due to an OBD communication problem with certain scan tools used at the inspection stations." The OBD is the onboard emissions diagnostic device or computer. Particularly if you live in MD, or in another state with mandatory emissions testing, you can get this repaired free of charge for parts and labor at an Authorized BMW repair center (reprogramming may take up to two hours, depending on the model). The good news is that the OBD is among 3 specified major emission control components (along with the catalytic converter and electronic emissions control unit or ECU) that is covered for the first 8 years or 80,000 miles of vehicle use on 1995 and newer vehicles. And try to be nice to your friendly neighborhood BMW service rep on the "other side of the counter." He's got a job to do, but warranty repairs are probably not his or her favorite part of the work week.