Follow longtime BMW CCA member Terry Sayther’s report through the weekend in his $500 racecar, preparing for (by racing in Mexico) the upcoming 24 Hours of LeMons. Yes, LeMons, not LeMans. Check back for more from the Chihuahua Express, a three-day open road race in western Mexico, the weekend of April 21.

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Terry Sayther with Rhett Hubertus and Phil Hartman, BMW CCA
April 21, 2007

Saturday, April 21, Chihuahua City to Divisadero, Copper Canyon –There are some highly experienced road racers here and this morning I asked some of them for help with a problem I´ve been having with our car while racing. It seems that while fully suited up with Nomex racing uniform and gloves on, I´m having trouble with the small size of the electric window and AC buttons. You´d think that their greater experience would have lead them to a cure for this simple problem, but they were not helpful.
Today´s events spanned 11 hours of driving. Here´s a typical slice of that time. We start by transitting: driving on public roads at something like normal speeds along with regular normal traffic. This trasit stage ends at a checkpoint where we are given a time to write down.