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Thread: Virginia BMWCCA License Plate?


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    According to the form,
    Most special interest plates require 350 prepaid applications before they can be issued.

    You can continue to use this thread for ideas.
    I wouldn't use the term stuck, but logos do have to conform to US law.
    Read through the form listed on post 2.
    There is a link for design guidelines and a contact.
    I think any chapter would be happy to accept the efforts of a volunteer.
    Once there are some design ideas you can ask for their input.
    Another thing to consider, will these be restricted to current BMW CCA members.
    If so then each chapter will need a member who checks membership.
    If not, once approved anyone can order the plate from DMV.
    At least that is how I understand it. I could be wrong.

    And it looks like people would need to fill out the attached form.

    You can also see plates in development here.

    Any further off topic posts will be deleted.
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