Motor Trend reports on the upcoming BMW 1 Series, X6, 7 Series, M3, and Mini Clubman/Traveler and Mini Moke.
Feb. 13, 2007
Motor Trend magazine (March 2007) profiles upcoming BMWs and Minis in its cover story, Future Shock, with brief overviews of 54 concept cars and upcoming cars. Here’s Motor Trend’s take on the BMWs and Minis:
“With well-equipped 3s going into the mid-$40s,” there’s room for an entry-level compact, the BMW 1 Series. Launched in Europe in 2003, Motor Trend says starting in late 2008 we’ll get a four-door sedan, maybe a two-door coupe, convertible, possibly a sports van from the BMW RFK project (Raum funktionales Konzept, or functional space concept)with an F-prefix in its name.