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Thread: Peake reset tool

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    Peake reset tool

    Dear BMW fellows:
    Could somebody let me use your peake reset tool for my 2001 BMW 530i?
    I am in centreville area and can drive to your place with a jumbo coffee :-)

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    Peake reset tools

    I have the Peake airbag reset tool, and the R5 FCX code reader/service interval reset tool, which I'll lend to any chapter member. Your car, being built after 2000, requires the R5/FCX-II. Sorry I do not have the one you need.

    I mention the airbag reset because eventually you will be wanting to use that too.

    I'm in Arlington, but I can bring the tool to any Chapter event.

    -Roy Morris

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    Thanks. At least I received one response from a gentleman like you. If I cannot find a reset tool within a week or two, I will buy one myself and let the club members use it free.
    Thanks again.

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    I have the Peake tool with the adapter to work with both pre- and post-2000 vehicles. Let me know if you are still in need -- I am in Arlington, if that works for you.


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    That would be wonderful. Do you have perticular times when I can come by?
    I drive to work in DC.
    this is my email:

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    E-mail sent.


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