The 2007 Mini Cooper: 2.5 inches longer, same looking on the outside, vastly better on the inside.
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Bill Howard, BMW CCA
Feb. 11, 2006
SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- “There’s more than 150 trillion possible combinations of Mini available from the factory,” says proud parent Jeff Stracco, product manager for the 2007 Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S that were unveiled here last week. “Actually, there’s more than 150 trillion,” he confides, about 163 trillion, “but our in-house counsel said, ‘Nobody’s going to believe this, so just leave it at 150 trillion.’”

Indeed, the variety of body colors, roof colors, interior fabrics, wheels, engines, and transmissions was dazzling. And the more-options-than-stars-in-the-galaxy numbers were outshone by the all-round excellence of the 2007 Mini Coopers. They may look to the casual observer just like the previous generation, but the new R56 (code name) Minis are worlds better in performance, fit and finish, and cabin comfort than the predecessor R50/R53. A couple similarities remain: The base-level Mini Cooper is not for the performance-minded, and the back seat is not for those more than five feet tall, except for very short periods.