Jan. 16, 2007

The Rolls-Royce DropHead Coupe, says Automobile, “comes across as more precise and even better tied down than a Bently Azure” convertible.
The Rolls-Royce DropHead Coupe, the two-door, soft-top convertible version of the Phantom, arrives in the U.S. this fall at a cost of $400,000. Compared to the Bentley Azure, the other super-luxury convertible, writes Automobile’s George Kacher in the February issue, “The DropHead Coupe is a bigger barge, and yet it comes across as more precise and even better tied down, more refined and more comfortable.”

After a test-drive in a DHC prototype, Kacher noted that the “interior is surprisingly minimalistic for a Rolls-Royce … less wood … upholstery is simple and without superfluous stitching … floor mats are made of more durable sisal, not wool.”