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Thread: Good Service Advisor at BMW of Fairfax

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    Good Service Advisor at BMW of Fairfax

    Just wanted to share my experiences with a Service Advisor at BMW of Fairfax. I brought my vehicle in for service and was assigned to Bogdan Poplacean (member of NCC). He provided me a nice BMW loaner (325iT) and was very professional in how he handled the manner.

    He also kept me informed throughout the time my vehicle was there and promptly notified me when it was ready. The new BMW of Fairfax facility is beautiful BTW if you have not stopped in recently.

    So, if you are looking for a good place to go to and, want a decent SA to work with, I would highly recommend you contact and request his services. I've been going to BMW of Fairfax for about 4 years now and have been satisfied with their service throughout. They do make mistakes at times; but, do their best to rectify any deficiencies. I cannot say the same about BMW of Arlington.


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    i would have liked to have gotten a BMW loaner from BMW of fairfax (i bought my car there), but my car will soon be out of its free maintenance eligibility so I will do it all myself.

    the new facility is gorgeous though.

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