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Thread: winter tires?

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    Just go to Radial Tire. Forget Costco and the stealer! No one else has the equipment to balance the tires while they are on the car. You cant beat their prices. 10 bucks for mounting! Why would you get your Vredsteins from Cali when you can get them from Paul and Sam.

    I picked up my snows at Radial Tire last Saturday. Sam had them mounted on the wheels and ready to go. Sam went on vacation and Paul was worried we would ahve to serch for them. They were right in the shop and easy to find. Had them installed and Paul wasnt sure about the cost. He said call Sam on Tuesday. I did and we settled up over the phone. Neither Tire Rack or Discount Tire came with a hundred dollars of the out the door price offered by Radial Tire. You need to consider your total cost of having the tires mounted, balanced and put on your car.

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    Smile Tires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tprenaldo View Post
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    I recently went with Vredersteins and they are the greatest for the summer. I'll try them for winter next!.
    The way things are going you may not get a chance.
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