I'd like to convey a story of excellent customer service. Today was the second time I have been to RRT (http://www.roadracetech.com/) in Dulles, VA. I continue to be impressed every time I visit them.

Last week I had my car at a local dealer for an oil change. They noticed that I had a "torn" CV boot, and quoted me a price of $550 to fix it ($50 part at 4 hours labor!). I was taking my car into RRT anyway to have my alignment checked, so I had them check the CV boot. It turns out it was a broken clamp on my CV boot. They replaced the clamp and sent me on my way. They also gave me some great advice/feedback on various questions I had.

Needless to say, they saved me hundreds of dollars and I received great customer service. I wish all repair shops were this good! I also got my BMW CCA parts discount, of course.