Date consideration:
¸ Avoid dates when time changes
¸ Check for holidays and conflicting chapter events

Start location consideration:
¸ Close to gas and restrooms
¸ Close to a highway
¸ Ample parking at the start time

Destination consideration:
¸ Ease to return home
¸ Can facility accommodate group?
¸ Ample parking

¸ Limit gravel and make people aware if there is gravel
¸ Rest stop no longer than 60 minutes from start if the total trip is more than 90 minutes
¸ Lunch or snack break on long trips with consideration for future rest stops
¸ Avoid U-turns and crossing busy crossroads without a traffic light. Reroute as necessary.

Route Directions
¸ Clear concise directions.
¸ 4. LEFT at TRAFFIC LIGHT. Caution: Narrow Road. (Main Street)
¸ Zero odometer at start and as necessary
¸ Mileage at each turn.
¸ Note rest stop areas
¸ Directions to return home
¸ Phone number and exact address of destination

¸ Double check all information. Confirm with facility if necessary.
¸ Submit writeup to upcoming events in the der Bayerische. Be sure the RSVP date has not passed.
¸ Have writeup included on the web site.

One month before the event
¸ File for insurance

One week before the event
¸ Pre-check
¸ Print route instructions (enough for every car)
¸ Confirm reservations again as necessary

Day of the event
¸ Hand out route instructions for every car
¸ Drivers' meeting
It is not a race
Method of travelling, caravan, small groups, lead, follow or get out of the way
Rest stop locations
Emergency phone numbers
Radio communication

Pay one price in advance