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Thread: Bimmerfest 2007

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    Bimmerfest 2007

    Has anyone been to this event before in Santa Barbara, CA? Any experiences?

    I thought I might go to this while also visiting a friend in the same area. Also give me a good excuse to drive through the country.

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    My friends in CA who have been say its mostly full of "ricers and pozer wannabe's." There are some cool exhibits and whatnot, for the most part, the whole town is too over-crowded.

    That said, any excuse to drive out there, its a beautiful area, I'd strongly suggest a drive up the coast.

    -Andrew (Used to live in the Bay Area - new to club out here)
    1991 M5 - Alpinweiss (in CA)
    2003 330i - Titanium Silver (in VA)

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    hmm, I guess it's still worth a first time experience. I'm not there to see fully restored 2002's either, but 325's ready for take off is just way over the top.

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