Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a sanity check on a four-digit repair bill I got from my local BMW dealer (BMW Alexandria) for my wife's 2013 BMW Wagon which has just over 100K miles on it.
Issue: there's a high-pitched whine at idle.
Proposed resolution: Replace cylinder head cover, estimate $2345.37

Dealer also recommended service on the transfer case, rear final drive, coolant system and fuel injector service. Total cost for those services is about $1,000. Considering the age and miles on the car, I can see why these services may be needed but am not sure I want to drop over $3k in a single day on the car.

We are in Alexandria VA and I have taken my Z4 to German Auto Group on Backlick Rd in the past and thought they did an OK job.

What are the thoughts or recommendations from the group -- should I shop around for another estimate? Other comments?

Thanks in advance.