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Thread: Ding/dent removal (PDR)

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    Ding/dent removal (PDR)

    A few months back I located an 04 E46 M3 in Laguna Seca Blue. Id been looking for one for many years and found this one in El Paso, TX. Its a vert, which I actually love, and a 6MT.
    It had two obvious dents, one hard 2x2 on the hood and another deep 2x3 on the driver door and they were driving me crazy. Id asked around as I was searching for an experienced pdr professional vs someones newly trained employee in a fancy mobile pdr van. It took some time and a solid referral but I finally found Paul at the Dent Shop in Ashburn. I was very happy to hear that dents and dings IS ALL THEY DO and nothing else. That had me feeling confident that Id found the right place.
    The owner, Paul, was very friendly and professional and provided me with a rough estimate via pictures that Id sent to him. After dropping off the car for their review and receiving a detailed explanation, Paul let me know that my actual estimate would be a little more. Given the explanation I was given, I was good with it.
    I just picked up the car today and am very impressed with their work. I honestly cannot see any remnants of the metal damage on either panel.
    Now, what may make this review a bit more credible is the fact that I have been a professional car buyer and appraiser for nearly twenty years. Ive personally completed over 40k vehicle appraisals in that time and inspect vehicles for damage and paint work on a daily basis. Frankly, I had prepared myself to be a bit disappointed, because I look at cars differently than the average car owner.
    I highly recommend this shop and the results that they provide. Its not cheap, but if youre like me and will pay the quality, this is the place for your special vehicle.

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    The club was introduced to Paul Kordon when he worked with Dent Masters, a long-time chapter sponsor. Paul & his brother Tim now have their own shop -

    Richie Powell, another "alumni" from Dent Masters, has set up business in Chantilly, if that is a more convenient location for members. His work is also exceptional, bordering on magical!
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