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Thread: Z3 vanos code dilemma

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    Question Z3 vanos code dilemma

    2000 Z3 2.3, M52TU vin- LG02738
    I had a "check engine" light (Peake tool code-"VANOS, exhaust mechanically stuck") and took it to a garage in Finksburg, Md. I picked it up, after a VANOS actuator replacement ($3K), and had the identical engine code within a few miles. The garage then indicated, after their initial attempt, that it now needed a new timing chain and sprockets for an additional $4K. I didn't trust their judgement and brought the car home.
    The same code has come up sporadically over time, with resets, and now about every 20 miles. It has never changed through the RMW vanos actuator replacement. Any thoughts on actual engine problems related to this code?

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    Well, this dilemma was fixed by going to Danny at Benchmark Motors in Columbia. His expertise and knowledge of the vehicle was extensive. For a mire $150, they did several tests and reset the ECM for trouble free running now. Performance has definitely improved and there are no further codes! I added in some additional smoothness with a replacement of the primary timing chain tensioner with a hydraulic one. Not sure where RMW in Finksburg was going with the timing chain replacement..

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    Great to see you trusted your instincts & sought a second opinion. You can buy lots of parts with the $$ saved!
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