GearMotive is a precision machining and transmission manufacturing company headquartered in Sievi, Finland which specializes in race car gearbox and gear manufacturing. Race car gearboxes differ from normal manual transmission designs to handle greater power and torque. In addition, the gears of racing dogbox gearboxes can be shifted without a clutch. Clutch less shifting allows quicker, more robust gear shifting.

GearMotive completes all racing gearbox manufacturing stages in-house including, product design, machining, heat treatment, assembly and services.

ZF Dog Box:

GearMotive gearbox components are manufactured from premium high strength steel designed specifically for gear and gear shaft production. These high strength alloy steels provide superior stamina and hardness for long component life. Machining is completed with CNC-machines aided with 3D-models. GearMotive has tremendous experience in gearboxes, helping to design unique gearbox products and offer customers transmission related services.

Company products are sold by GearMotive - Finland and GearMotive dealers throughout the world. Import and shipping to The United States is readily available from GearMotive headquarters in Sievi.

The heart of GearMotive is accomplished by motorsport enthusiasts with a long history racing and race car building. Our racing background helps our staff understand customer needs and design new products for their racing purposes. Do not hesitate to e-mail us at or call +358 40 8208969. We are open for any inquiries and gearbox related discussion.

GearMotive has designed and manufactured successful dogbox transmissions models over the years. Recently the BMW ZF transmission has become a highly sought after dogbox in many racing classes. GearMotive has focused on ZF dogbox transmission production to serve customers around the world. Historically, Toyota transmissions have also been popular GearMotive products.

GearMotive products are innovative by design. Many of the products are designed using our protected innovation, which allows building the gears stronger than our competitors in a certain limited housing arena. This innovation makes GearMotive racing transmissions stronger and more reliable.

Product designing and manufacturing at GearMotive is an extensive process. This process begins with customer supplied specifics, including the car and engine model, current and potential future power and torque figures, as well as competition class regulations. When the necessary information is compiled, the gearbox design begins. Modeling gears and gear shafts in 2D and 3D simplifies the process for precise machining. The final crucial process prior to assembly is heat treatment, grinding and final finishing. All these properly completed manufacturing steps are critically important, resulting in a high quality product that is enjoyable to use.

Information about GearMotive and their innovative products can be found at, Facebook: or Instagram.