Hi everyone, it's me, the CEO (Chirstams, Easter only guy) LOL I live at minimum 1hour from every social/meeting, more like 90 minutes for most events, guy, Phil Green. Anywho, can/have we talked about going beyond Summit Point for DEs? The Tarheel chapter that is based out of NC schedules lots of great events at VIR, which is an EPIC track. And then our neighbors to the north setup great events at Watkins Glen (The prettiest place on Earth IMHO), at least 4-5 times per year. I am in NO way trying to upset anyone or make trouble or ruffle feathers, I am simply asking that in 2021, a year which many ppl thought would never happen (thanks corona lol), that we try to expand our footprint and offer other options to members. I am happy to take point on setting up any of these events, as I would LOVE to drive with my fellow NCC members at these beautiful and historic venues. Please let me know what you think.


Phillip aka (once a year Phil Green) Green