CRAFTSMAN AUTO CARE HPDE - BMW National Capital Chapter
Shenandoah Circuit at Summit Point!!
Welcome to our annual Shenandoah Circuit HPDE at Summit Point Motorsports Park presented by Craftsman Auto Care. This event is open to all run groups/skill levels with the usual 4 track sessions per day (including exercises), skidpad training, and classroom sessions. As you have come to expect, we provide a lot of track time, top-notch instructors, and an abundance of fun!
Fridays are now open to Advanced students and Approved Solo drivers!  Contact the Registrar if you have questions on your status as a National Capital Chapter Advanced or Approved Solo driver.  Students new to NCC must have approval from the Chief Instructor to register for Friday.

  • Student Single Day Registration: $275
  • Student Two-Day Registration: $450
  • Advanced/Solo Driver 3-day Registration: $550
  • Advanced and Solo Drivers Friday Only Registration: $200
  • Friday Skidpad Sessions for all level drivers: $50

NCC offers an A-Solo option for Advanced students. By Advanced students we are looking for students that have approximately 25 days of track experience, have been cleared A-Solo by another BMW CCA HPDE driving program, and have experience on the track they wish to drive solo on.
NOTE: All students wishing to drive solo, will be approved and confirmed by the Chief Instructor. If you have not been cleared for A-Solo in the past, never driven Solo with NCC or have never driven the track before. You must attend Friday’s training day (the Friday before the HPDE) and be evaluated by one of our instructors. Following this evaluation you will be cleared to drive Solo during the Saturday and Sunday HPDE. If you still have questions please contact the NCC HPDE Registrar.
The coronavirus pandemic certainly has limited our time on the track. As we prepare to return to “normal” track time, we will be subjected to restrictions dictated by CDC, State of West Virginia, the track owners and the BMW CCA. To that end we have endeavored to develop a registration process that involves little to no personal contact for your safety and ours.

During the HPDE, social distancing will be the standard and masks will be expected to be used when distancing is not possible. Your temperature will be screened daily using an IR thermometer and you will be given a new wrist band each day.
Due to pandemic safety precautions, we may be unable to offer in-car instruction. If those constraints are still in force in June 2021, this HPDE will be instructed 100% in a lead-follow instructing format. The first-time and beginner run group (D) will have one instructor per student. Groups (C) and (B) will be instructed in a lead-follow format with two students paired with one instructor. Each student will drive their own car following the instructor’s car. Group (A) will be A-Solo only. Instructed A students can be evaluated for Solo on Friday or run with group (B).
NCC HPDE Hotel Partner:
Holiday Inn
142 Foxridge Ln
Winchester, VA  22603
Mention NCC BMW to receive discounted rate of $72/night (includes complimentary breakfast!)

Register here.