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Thread: Four post lifts

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    Four post lifts

    Has anyone installed a four post lift to store a car on? If so, what did you buy/install, and why? I'm seriously considering installing one, but only know of Bend-Pak lifts...

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    i have had a 4 post BendPak for 5+ years. works great, zero issues. great for storing a car. not so great if you want to work on a car.

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    Ill disagree on working on the car. I had a 4 post installed (Advantage) did a lot of research and found one at a car show and received show special and LOVE it, it has already paid for itself with money saved just working on 1 car. I did buy the pneumatic center lift section to jack with the extended arms it aligns perfectly with the jack points on body of the car. Mine also has removeable rollers on it to allow me to reposition if needed. Im sure glad I bought all this before the China tariffs went in.

    One additional cost is the need for high lift garage door that can add a few $$ to the cost as well. I also took the time to have a dedicated 20amp run to the garage and then ran that to the lift.

    To be fair yes its not as easy as a 2 post for some jobs but very few residential applications can adequately support a 2 post lift if concrete not spec'd appropriately.

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