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Thread: Spoken turn-by-turn guidance from .GPX file?

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    Question Spoken turn-by-turn guidance from .GPX file?

    What is the best way to get spoken turn-by-turn driving guidance from a .GPX coordinate log file on iOS?

    I went on my first club driving tour in July, and had a lot of fun, but had a lot of trouble actually following the route. I drive alone, and quickly realized that a) to follow printed directions I must read them, which is a problem while driving, and b) the .GPX reader I tried on my iPhone had much the same problem, requiring me to look at the screen to know when I had just missed a turn but not telling me when a turn was ahead.

    So far the only suggestion I've gotten has been RideWithGPS which does indeed look promising, but the features I want seem to require a paid subscription. Is there a better alternative?

    I understand this is a tough programming challenge. I have no problems pre-processing the .GPX file offline and loading the result to my phone if that works better.

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    I don't have an answer to your specific question. However, certain Garmin GPS's can import .gpx files and provide both spoken directions and an on-screen map. I use a Garmin Montana 6100 for this purpose and previously used a Garmin Zumo 550. You can also program your own routes pretty easily using their free BaseCamp program.

    New Montana's are fairly expensive, but there are probably used ones available for $100-$200.

    Rick F.

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