Hi all,

Chris Rengert from SOMD - Cove Point/Solomons area. BMW enthusiast, always wrenching on something since all I can afford is 10-25 yrs. old. Trying to train-up the kids similarly & both of my boys (twins) are associate members also, but now in the Navy & not at home.

I tend to frequent Xoutpost.com & the NABMWDO FB group a lot since the E70 X35D is my most up to date & most driven vehicle.
Have pretty much rebuilt a 2004 R53 Mini that was originally intended for getting into autox & track days.
Extensive experience & work on E53 3.0i X5s (one passed down to a son, the other intended for wife & daughter)

Other son has an E39 540i here that I need to get working on (broke a water pump bolt in the timing cover).

Along those lines, I'm looking for a cam lock tool set for the 4.4 V8, so I can get this thing running for him again. Please advise if any available to borrow/rent/buy & what other forums, etc. I should check in