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Thread: Nitrogen, not air, in the tires?

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    Question Nitrogen, not air, in the tires?

    Well --- sensible to give the dealer his money for it? Regular (all highway) driving?

    What's your thoughts?

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    an advantage of nitrogen is it doesn't change pressures as much with temperature.
    one reason planes use nitrogen for tires. pressures would drop while at high altitude from the freezing temps.
    also good on the track. i see no advantage to using it on the street.

    on a side note, if you use nitrogen on track tires, do you fill with nitrogen untill you get your hot pressure you had with regulat air?
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    This topic has come up before. Some good discussion took place in the following threads.
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    The only reason to do so in a passenger car is that the lack of oxygen inside will reduce the amount of degradation in teh tire due to oxidation. And sicne passenger car tires shouldn't be used for more than 6 - 10 years (is expecteed to become US law or regulation at some point) this isn't a big deal.

    And for the track it is convenient, since a small bottle of N2 will fill a good number of tires, and not require eletricity like a small compressor.
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    Nitrogen In Aircraft

    We use nitrogen in the nose strut of my airplane because it preserves the rubber in the seals.
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