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Thread: Procedure for radiator flush?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scany View Post
    I found it this weekend. What set me off was that is was a 6mm hex bolt. The pictures I've seen has shown a regular bolt.

    I took a picture that's shown on my blog:
    those sneaky germans.....:-)

    glad you found it. rest of the job go ok?

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    differential fluid fill

    2 more tips on differential checking/filling, not previously mentioned:

    1. Facom (a French tool manufacturer) makes a low profile 14 mm 3/8" drive socket that will fit in the tight space afforded on an E36 differential. Griot's Garage special-ordered it for me. Part number D.107-14.

    2. Make sure you can get the upper (fill) plug loose before you remove the lower (drain) plug.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    those sneaky germans.....:-)

    glad you found it. rest of the job go ok?
    Yeah, it acctually went very well. Thanks for asking I should have had that idler roller to replace also, but eh, a reason to do it again some other time.

    Now I really need to get to the bottom of that rythmic sound from the wheels..

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    Don't have a kiddie pool? Using it for something else? (beer cooler perhaps?). Here is something I have done a few times and it keeps coolant out of my eyes/ears/nose etc. when draining the engine block. Take a 2 foot section of 1 1/2 inch corrugated flex hose (same kind used for sump pump discharge hoses) and push it up between the steering rack boot and control arm. Push it up until it is against the engine block drain, the fit between the boot and CA will hold it in place. Make sure you have broken the drainplug free beforehand. Now reach up with one hand and pull the hose back slightly, enough to get a thumb and finger in there to turn the drainplug. Keep the hose as close as possible while turning the drainplug. When the drainplug is free, it will travel down the hose along with the coolant and into the drainpan you have hopefully put underneath. Once drained, retreive the drainplug and button everything back up. Simple.

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