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Thread: E36 M3 Convertible or E46 330 Convertible?

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    E36 M3 Convertible or E46 330 Convertible?

    Hello all,

    I am looking into selling my E36 328 convertible and trading up.

    Just wondering what everyone's opinion is regarding the E36 M3 convertible versus the E46 330 convertible. It seems like every M I look at has been either ragged out or rediculously priced. From a collectability standpoint I would think the M3 would be worth more money in the long run because less of them were made, buy I have been told that they generally cost more to repair.



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    I test drove both e36 M3s (sedan and convertible) and e46 330is before buying my car. My general impression was that the e36 M3 was more fun to drive when you pressed it hard (more power, better handling). The e46 330i however is better built and more refined making it a better daily driver.

    From my sig, you can see that I decided to get the 330i sedan. It made the most sense for me as a daily driver (newer, and has room for my wife and two growing boys, less maintenance).

    If you are looking for a "collectible" car, I would think that anything with an M badge would be significantly more desirable than a "regular" non-M BMW.
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    I believe your assessment is sound. After spending 5 months traveling up and down the east coast, I gave up on finding a reasonably priced, well-kept E36 M3 Convertible. We eventually bought an E46 Convertible, and although it's bigger, it feels much stiffer and if you have offspring, they may appreciate the bit of extra space. More trunk space is nice, too.

    On the other hand, I felt that the E36 M3 felt absolutely great, and if I could have found what I was looking for, I would have bought one.

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    Thanks for the feedback. It looks like I'll be looking for an E46.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gmufiji
    Thanks for the feedback. It looks like I'll be looking for an E46.

    I have a 2005 330 CiC [w/ SMG, Sport and Premium packages]...and absolutely LOVE it!
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